CnC Presentation - Learn360

I am beginning a series of presentations to Curriculum coordinators and Consultants on the various electronic resources we have available in the district. (I have done many sessions for schools and specialty groups, but the CnC folks are usually not there, and so miss out on these great extras to support instruction.)

My first presentation was on the Learn360 platform, which we are currently using to deliver some CBC content we subscribe to via ERAC. Here is a link to the "how to" page. The basic login is the same as with any of the databases we use in Richmond. (Each school TL has the building ID and password.) In order to download the clip for off-line viewing, teachers need an additional login ID, also provided by the TL.

Once logged in, teachers can find the CBC content by searching for either "CBC" or "Radio Canada." While there are not many clips at the moment, we hope to increase the number of videos available as time progresses. Some generic material (ie Bullying) is available to all subscribers.