Speaker in a box: Easy Pro-D

In looking for ways to multiply opportunities for Pro-D chairs, and help provide materials to develop great sessions for staff, DRC has ordered a number of professional development resources that come with a CD, video, DVD and/or facilitator's guide. This is a cost-effective way to provide access to some well-respected speakers. The cost to schools is zero, but gives all the benefits of bringing in a current "big name."

You can find these resources by checking out the DRC catalog, and looking in the Resource Lists (select "Public list" tab) for "Speaker in a box."

PRO-D morning at the DRC

The Bridge Elementary staff walked over to DRC to spend part of their Pro-D day with us. We met in the DRC training lab where I  reviewed the kinds of resources we have in our collection including the ISL books, the professional magazines and a variety of kits, novel labs, posters etc.

I did a quick refresher on the on-line tools we subscribe to: Encyclopedia of BC, WorldBook and the EBSCO databases. We also reviewed how to book materials from DRC via Richnet.

The session ended with a walkthrough of the DRC "stacks" and many teachers took the opportunity to take resources with them.