Fresh Apps to explore

Some fun tech tools to use in your class
McRoberts invited me to come and share some of the engaging and useful apps and sites I've come across in my travels. Some help check students' learning, others have a subject specific focus. Some are iOS only, others work on any device. Some promote collaboration, others are a great reference. Hopefully, everyone finds at least "one new thing."


Making the most of your eResources

Sea-to-Sky TLs explore ERAC bundles
Recently, I had the pleasure of working with teacher-librarians in District 48. We talked about their vision for library programs and explored how to promote and better use the many resources they have at their disposal.


How Tweet it is!

Build your PLN
I recently presented a workshop on using Twitter for teachers. This is a adaptation of a previous session for TLs and introduces teachers to the basics, as well as how they might use this platform to build a personal learning network. (Thanks Lisa for the original template.)


Transforming Curriculum & Assessment

New directions in curriculum in BC
A workshop presented in conjunction with members of the Learning Services Department to teachers and administrators.


RTLA 2014 - Fall conference

At the heart of Student Learning
While we had a slow start this year because of job action, the RTLA mini-conference was a big success. It was a great opportunity to network and encourage new TLs.

Our video Keynote was taken from a WLMA advocacy video. We set pro-D priorities for the year, and discussed plagiarism (Remix Culture), Twitter (Explore using Twitter to build your PLN) and looked a some fun webtools:

1. mapFrappe
2. QR code "go cards" ( qrstuff
3. Lingro: Instant word check
4. AWW  webapp.
5. Webpath Express
6. BigHugeLabs


Krashen Redux*

Vancouver Teacher-Librarians mini-conference
A facilitated viewing of a video presentation by Stephen Krashen.

The BIO: Stephen Krashen is professor emeritus at the University of Southern California. He is a linguist, educational researcher, and activist, and self-professed "grammar wonk", has published more than 350 papers and books, and works in the fields of L2 acquisition, neurolinguistics, bilingual education, and reading. Krashen promotes the use of free voluntary reading during second-language acquisition, which he says "is the most powerful tool we have in language education, first and second."


LT professional Development

eResources to explore
We spent the day working on the range of eResources available to staff and students. This was a refresher for some, and new to others: EBSCO magazines (searching for the right article), Learn360 (how to download clips), FollettShelf (what's new), Google Search (tips for better searching)


Writing the IB extended essay

Tech tools to help!
Links from a presentation I prepared for IB students looking to explore a wider array of online resources.