Richmond District's iTunes U

Implementing an iTunes U presence
Richmond District has an iTunes U channel, and has been thinking about how to populate it with useful and engaging content. I had the pleasure of presenting, with Chris Loat, how we have been making progress in using this avenue for encouraging teacher collaboration and lesson delivery.

Our slideshow is here.

Earlier in the month, we also did an intro session to interested teachers in our district, to find some "early adopters" who would like to help with content creation.


Don't Quote me on that

Citing with tech tools
Along with Arlene Anderson and Jeff Yasinchuk, I was happy to present for one of the BCTLA's Spring Pro-D sessions.

We spoke about some of the tools available for helping students cite the work they use in their research. Our goal was to help teachers "find out how cloud-based citations tools can support critical literacy and create a culture of academic integrity."

I began with a quick over view of some of the issues ( and then we each took a tool and talked about its features and limitations. I spoke about Bibme and the other two presented EasyBib and NoodleTools.