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This slide show was used as part of a presentation to CISVA teacher-librarians and library staff.


Applis pour le vocab!

Digital Resources for Elementary FI

There are lots of great apps and websites that Elementary FI teachers can use to build vocabulary and create engagement. Without enough words, students have difficulty expressing their ideas, but traditional vocabulary activities are often dull and uninspiring. This use of technology can spice up a lesson, and in some cases offer affordances that traditional exercises cannot!


Further Conversations about FPPoL

Looking Closer - Integrating Aboriginal Content and Ways of Knowing

This second session was offered in the context of our district's curriculum implementation days. It was an opportunity to extend our discussions which we began in the session on First Peoples' Principles of learning.

We explored:

"How can I include Aboriginal worldviews, content, and pedagogy into my teaching in respectful, authentic, meaningful ways? Where can I find resources to do this in my class?"