Curation 2.0

This session (another BCTLA webinar) is a quick introduction I presented via Elluminate on the notion of curation in school libraries. One of the ways that we can help our teachers and students is by selecting, annotating and sharing really useful resources that we find. We already do this for our physical collection; why can't we do this for digital resources? I suggest some places to find useful links, talk about how to collect them and finally give some ideas on how to serve them up. (Here's a link to the slide show; here's a link to the archived webinar.)


Promoting digital resources

Recently, I had the pleasure of using Elluminate (Blackboard) to deliver a presentation for the BCTLA webinar series. My focus was on how TLs can promote the use of the databases they have access to as part of the ERAC bundle. I've found that if I can show teachers a useful "tip or trick" that they can put into practice right away, they are more likely to come back to the resources for other lessons. During my presentation, I looked at some of the little known features in "the Encyclopedia of BC", World Book and EBSCO host. I also showed them a couple of features in the Gale Virtual Reference Library. My notes from the presentation are here. (Later, I'll add the link to the Elluminate archived version.)