Online Resources for Distributed Learning Instruction

The district has a number of online subscription resources teachers and students can access via password.

I recently presented a workshop for teachers at the Richmond Virtual School (RVS) that reviewed the materials we have paid for, and also listed some freebies that might be of interest.

The session focussed on
  1. Online Encyclopedias
  2. Virtual Reference Books
  3. Journal and Magazine Databases
  4. Online Video Resources
To see the complete list, visit this link.

Immersion TLs and Universalis Junior

I invited the French Immersion Librarians to come to the DRC training lab to learn more about the features of the new "Universalis Junior" electronic encyclopedia we have acquired for the Immersion schools.

This resource fills a missing gap for FI students, and gives them the equivalent to the Worldbook mid-range offering (coming between the Advanced and the Discover kids' versions). It includes an up-to-date atlas.

Overview of the features HERE.

New Projects at DRC

I spoke recently to the Education Committee regarding the services that DRC has been providing this year, and hopes to expand in 2010-11. The presentation I used is posted HERE. I've also embedded the slide show below as a QT movie clip to give a sense of the big themes.