Using the DRC - workshop

Linda F. asked me back to Tomsett to run through the process of research resources at the DRC (District Resource Centre) and booking them. I used the opportunity to talk about the 3 "Destiny" databases that teachers can access to support their work in the classroom: the library, the DRC and the eLibrary.

We looked first at the local Destiny catalog. (All district libraries are browsable by going to ) Teachers can use this link to check for DVDs, videos, books, etc that are located in their school library resource centre (SLRC). I showed participants how to create a personal list that they can then print or email to their TL. Keeping a list from year to year helps teachers keep track of what they did for units they develop.

The next area we looked at in detail was the DRC collection. Again, teachers can build a resource list for themselves, and then email the staff (from within the DRC catalog) to request kits or AV resources to support their teaching. I handed out a brochure that gives step by step instructions on how to do this! (You can find a downloadable version here.)

Finally, we spent a few minutes exploring the eLibrary, and looked at the eBooks, websites and WebPathExpress site lists that DRC has cataloged on a variety of subjects.

Indispensable - RTLA Sept Mini-conference (2009)

Our annual Fall Mini-Conference was another success this year. We were fortunate to have Maureen Ciarniello, Assistant Superintendent from West Van as our keynote speaker. (Click on image at left to view flyer for the day.)

Coffee and muffins, ULS books (thanks Ren Speer), a catered lunch, DRC tour and two tech sessions. A very busy day!

The tech sessions included a teaser about using EBSCO and WorldBook, and a walk-through some cool web apps to use with staff and students.

The link for both mini-presentations can be found here.

Outils pour l'Immersion

This week, I made a presentation to the summer Immersion institute at Dixon. My topic was "Des outils utiles pour l'immersion". I shared a number of useful sites, tools and ideas that teachers could use with their students. Here's the link to the "handout" I used: <CLICK HERE>

The great thing about these tools is that they add significantly to the kinds of things the immersion teacher can offer in the classroom. From "le bon patron" to "24 heures Montréal" and on to "Musikouèbe", teachers can spend less time correcting, and more time bringing "les actualités" and culture to their students. (Feel free to leave a comment if you find a particular link useful!)