Ressources numériques en français

It can be hard to find appropriate resources for the Immersion classroom. Material may be too hard (aimed at francophone adults) or too easy (but targeting a very young audience). 

Some of the subscription databases and encyclopedias that districts have access to provide excellent materials. There are also a number of freely available sites, but these do require a little digging.

"Venez explorer le monde des ressources numériques disponibles dans la salle de classe branchée. Nous ferons une visite de plusieurs sites utiles:

  1. Abonnement requis: Tumblebooks, Orca Digital, Worldbook, Universalis, Scholastic (français),
  2. Gratuit: Infoquête, 24 heures, et plusieurs autres."

Here are the notes from my presentation: LINK


WorldBook and EBSCO - some new tricks

While many teachers know about WorldBook and EBSCO (or at least they know the district subscribes to them) there are some great features that may surprise some! I've been presenting at schools and to Resource and ESL specialists, promoting these great resources.

Instant graphing and timeline generating are easy with WorldBook. And both WB and EBSCO will translate and read articles for students who need a little more support.

The images and notes from my presentation are here.


Lethbridge School District - 21st Century Learning

I recently attended, and presented at a District-wide Pro-D day in Lethbridge (October 2012). The focus was on 21st Century Learning, and the kinds of skills students need to develop.

My talk (the keynote for the conference) addressed the following four main questions:

  1. what exactly are the 21st century skills we keep talking about? 
  2. what kind of world are we preparing our students for? 
  3. what is the role of inquiry-based learning and technology in all of this? 
  4. how does this change how we see our roles as educators?

Here's my slide show