First Peoples' Principles of Learning

Engaging with the principles.

This session was presented to Richmond teachers as part of the district Curriculum Implementation Days. This presentation is an overview of the First Peoples' principles of learning, with some resources for teachers to become better acquainted with the content. (Speaker's notes add links and additional background.)


RTLA Fall Conference 2015

What is it that we do?

This year's conference looked at the roles of the TL, how teacher-librarians can support the new curriculum, the value of memory books and fiction to help students deal with loss, the role of innovation grants, and some fun "bibliotechnology" to razzle and dazzle.

"Lire en français"

Reading resources in French
In a continuing series of workshops for French Immersion Teacher Librarians, I reviewed the subscription database/services we have in the district that are useful in the FIM classroom. Included are references (and links) to print materials in the DRC catalog.


Ressources vidéo (en français)

Streaming video anyone?
This presentation was part of a Pro-D series for French Immersion librarians in my district.

For the Immersion or FSL teacher, there are a number of paid and free video that can enhance the classroom experience. TFO, APTN, TéléQuébec, ONF, Learn360 and Radio-Canada. I've shared some links that might be useful.


EBSCO mags - en français

Petite sélection de revues pour la salle de class
I reworked my EBSCO mags presentation to focus on French titles only. (See the link for the slideshow) Although there are only a handful of offerings, they can be a welcome addition to the FSL or French Immersion classroom. I also make a nod to MaryGlasgowPlus and Google CSE towards the end of the presentation.


Plagiarism fixups and Remix Culture

"Ideas just want to be free..."
Here is a "remix" of I presentation I delivered previously on strategies teachers can use to educate and remediate around plagiarism issues in the classroom.


Ressources encyclopédiques

Quelle encyclopédie préfères-tu?

In another of our series of French Immersion Teacher-Librarian workshops, we looked at the various French encyclopedia materials we subscribe to. We also spent some time talking about jump-page creation and gave some suggestions about how to present "image sets".


BCTLA Webinar presentation Feb 2015

Using EBSCO mags to differentiate
In a recent BCTLA webinar, I shared how EBSCO magazines can support educators in their classroom. I point to a very subset of the complete magazine database that is perfect for the K-12 system. Many of the Scholastic titles can help the teacher create diffentiated text sets, and there are a handful of French titles that will delight students in FSL/FIM. The link (above) takes you the slides from the webinar (no audio, unfortunately) and if you open the speaker's notes (by clicking on the cog wheel), you will be able to follow the gist of the presentation.


Learn360 - what is it?

A streaming service for teachers
Learn more about the content Learn360 can offer to your teaching.


La musique dans la classe

An overview of French music resources
Music is essential to the study of language and culture. To fully appreciate French, it is important for students to be exposed to the rich world of French music, in particular the unique francophone musical tradition of Canada  (Québécois, Acadian, Métis, and French Aboriginal music and musicians.)