Top Ten Lists: in iMovie

I met with Norma J and June L and Boyd today. We were putting the last few details on a "Top Ten" project June is planning for her Communications 11-12 class.

She and Norma have planned a reading activity using the Top 10 magazine series. Once they've had a chance to read and rate a couple of the titles, the students will be asked to generate their own ten winners in an area they are passionate about: food, cars, skateboards, singers, etc.

Here's the handout we will use to help them organize their project:

For more detailed explanations on using iMovieHD, there is also a *great* tutorial for iMovie at on the U of Texas site.
You'll find a webpage, with short video tutorials, and a link to an entire video walk-through as well as a handy PDF version to reference. Worth visiting. (Scribd version below)


The plan is to use iMovie to present the "Top Ten" lists to the rest of the class. Here's a sample I created to show the students.


For royalty free music: (best choice, great variety) (15 sec free downloads...lots of choices)

Sound samples: (great selection of mp3s, plus some tunes)

For IMAGES, (Watermarked) (don't forget to give credit!)

For Video CLIPS (Watermarked) (don't forget to give credit!)