ESL Book Report Ideagram - with Scrapblog

Angela Lo asked me to come in and brainstorm an engaging twist on the "poster project" she usually does as a wrap up for her Lit Circle novel study.

We decided to use Scrapblog as a way of helping the students represent their thinking.

Here's a sample we created:

We divided up the 9 different elements of her "Ideagram" poster project into 9 separate scrapbook pages.

Ideagram PDF

Students were asked to do some pre-thinking and bring quotes, images (on a memory stick) and some text-text, text-self and text-world connections. In the computer lab, students were given an overview of Scrapblog, shown how to create an account, and turned loose on the project. (We gave them 2 blocks)

The students then presented the finished pages as a slide show. The beauty of using SB rather than PPT, according to the students, is the multitude of creative elements that they can use. If the student chooses one of the many templates available, then they can resize, copy and reuse all of the embellishments, frames, background, shapes and colours. Add to this, the ability to import your own pictures and graphics and you have a super tool for presenting your ideas.

Your resulting Scrapblog can be shared via email, or even embedded in an existing page. Because the project is stored in an individual student account, kids can work on it at home or at school, and the finished product can be viewed as a slide show with music, or "stepped-through" much like a ppt show. Students also have the option of exporting each page as a jpeg and printing or incorporating into another project.

Here's a student sample: