GarageBand - An underused resource!

This past week, I was asked to come to Homma for one of their iChallenge days. One of the sessions was on using GarageBand with students. The teachers were interested in the ESL possibilities as well as use in Music classes.

Garageband seems to be getting better and better with each new version. I shared a resource with the teachers that I had put together a year or so ago with some idea starters: making PSAs, recording poetry readings, doing a radio play based on a novel or fairy tale, interviewing a historical character or author, creating news bulletins or weather reports - the list is almost endless. Since it is installed on all the lab computers, it makes sense to explore this great program.

Here's the link to my handout: [LINK] [some notes]

I also sent out a list of some more up-to-date resources to consult, which I posted on my webapps blog: [LINK here]