The 21st Century Librarian - take two

The Learning Commons, and more

In this session,we spent time unpacking the concept of the "Learning Commons" with a look at what this idea could bring to school libraries (both Elementary and High School). While the original concept is an import from the University/College context, it provides a way of rethinking the role of school libraries to make them more relevant to teachers and students. I provided some links to readings and interviews to deepen our understanding of this notion. An important "take-away" from the session was that it is not so much a place, as an idea, and even if the physical location can't be reworked substantially, changes in attitude and communication can still accomplish some of the goals of the LC.

We also spent some time considering the future of non-fiction reference (databases, encyclopedias, eReference texts), custom searches (build your own), eBooks (Orca, EBSCO, Follett), and enhanced 856 tags.