BCTLA 2011 - Swiss Army TL

I presented at the BCTLA 2011 conference recently. As I thought about my topic, I wanted to find some kind of metaphor that would sum up the value of the Teacher-Librarian to the school community. This got me thinking about an old Swiss Army knife a friend of mine used to carry everywhere. The tool he used the most often of course was the blade, but occasionally he would use the screwdriver, the awl, the clippers, nail file and even the corkscrew. In some ways teacher-librarianship works the same way. There are parts of our job that we do so often, skills that we put in to practice every day, that we may forget pull out some of those extras that might make the difference to a harried student or teacher.

While many of these resources and tools will be familiar, there might be a gem that you can take back to your school community. Click here to view my links and slideshow.