September 2011 September Teacher Librarian Mini-conference

Seth Godin spoke recently about teacher-librarians as "Sherpas" and we used that theme as our organizing metaphor for this year's RTLA kick off. We spent some time talking about how, like Sherpas, TLs support, encourage, know the lay of the land and generally make the knowledge expedition a success for the learner. We can't do the climbing for the student, but we can help the ascent be smarter!

We also spent time listening to the Colorado Teacher-Librarians as they built a case for the role they play in raising achievement (our Video Keynote) and then looked at some "lesson ready" ideas: working with "text-free" books to develop creative writing skills, and a number of tech tools that we can share with staff and students.

As usual, Ren from ULS brought a great selection of materials to peruse during the day.

Here's the link to all the conference materials that were presented.