IWB substitute: Wiimote

McRoberts invited me to their Pro-D day to speak to the Science department about using "Wiimote" IWB bundles. High schools often find it difficult to find the funding to purchase enough of the standard Interactive Whiteboards (ie SMARTBoards) to make a difference to  how they integrate technology into instruction. One or two boards a year is not enough to be transformative. However, with a Wiimote bundle (costing perhaps $150), teachers can try out the IWB experience and begin integrating this exciting technology into their classes. DRC purchased 2 Wiimote bundles (each includes a Wiimote, charger, bluetooth dongle, 2 IR pens and a tripod, along with a flash drive preloaded with software.) so schools could experiment at no initial cost.

See my presentation notes here.