21st Century Teacher Librarian

I was recently asked to present on the topic of the "21st Century Teacher Librarian" for a workshop series put on by Follett. I had a lot of fun with this title.

We often read how TLs need to update, re-invent, modernize, etc. And we hear that in this new age, averything has changed, and libraries must keep up, or be left behind.

I began by showing a clip from a New York Times on-line article on the future of libraries and librarians. In among the descriptions of all the great things the featured librarian does with her students, was her description of the essentials of her job: "I connect kids to books and I connect them to information." What's interesting about this statement is that this sums up what teacher-librarians have been trying to do all along. My presentation explored the many ways we can meet both of these goals using the latest digital tools we have at our disposal.

Check out the link for my presentation notes.