A quick orientation to iMovie

I was asked by Bev at General Currie and Glenda at Spul'u'kwuks to introduce their students to iMovie. They both planned to have their kids use this software package to present learning from a unit they were currently working on, but wanted the students to be familiar with the application before they began.

The mini-project we came up with was a simple, fun presentation that would allow the students to use all the elements of iMovie:

  1. Pick a topic (ie kittens or gummy bears or...)
  2. Find 5 pictures (only five!)
  3. Import pictures.
  4. Place on timeline
  5. Add narration
  6. Add sound effects
  7. Add transitions
  8. Add titles
  9. Tweak final view
  10. Export as a QuickTime file. (Share)

In two sessions, after a brief demo, students were able to produce great little clips that they could show to the class. (An extra bonus: it was exciting to see students helping each other problem-solve issues that came up. )

I also used this same format on a Pro-D session with McNeely staff.