Mobile Computing in the Classroom

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I spoke at UBC to 3 groups of student teachers on the topic of mobile devices in the classroom. The session description was as follows: 

"While some jurisdictions are investing heavily in one-to-one computing, educators are beginning to realize that many students are already arriving in the classroom with a powerful computer in their pocket: their cellphone. How can teachers leverage this trend? Come hear about apps, ideas and strategies you can use to capitalize on mobile computing in your practice." 
We looked at availability, accessibility, policies, management issues, reference links, reading sites and formats,  to name a few. My speaking notes are HERE.

Using eReaders in the Classroom

At a recent Pro-D day, I was asked to speak about current trends in eReaders and eTexts. I reviewed for the staff what kinds of devices schools in a number of jurisdictions are using and then talked about some of the different formats of eTexts students can access. Links from my presentation are available HERE.

Social Media - ESL parents

I was asked to speak at Richmond Public Library to ESL parents about Social Media and students. The SWIS personnel we have in schools are often called on to speak to parents about computer use, Social Media and internet habits. I was asked to address the topic for a mostly non-English speaking audience.  (Here are my speaking notes.) One of the most useful resources I came across is the site. It has a great primer for parents (and anyone else for that matter).

I also came across a teacher's guide to facebook.